Gareth formed Goodshirt with Rodney and Murray Fisher and Mike Beehre in 1998. The band went on to become one of the biggest New Zealand bands of the 00's

"No New Zealand band has made such a delightful debut album, in both sonics and songwriting, as Goodshirt" Nick Bollinger in "100 Essential Kiwi Albums"

Goodshirt won numerous accolades such as Tui Awards for Best Songwriter and Best Single (Sophie), Best Album Artwork and Best Video. Goodshirt also won Peoples Choice Award for Juice TV and two Silver Scroll Nominations. Gareth's song “Sophie” was included in “The Great New Zealand Song Book” in 2009.

The band disbanded in 2005 but reformed in 2012 and is currently recording and performing.

Goodshirt is known for it's low cost, kooky and often "one-shot" videos - click on and image above to view.